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How to Find Fulfilling Jobs for Moms

BY KATHERINE LEWIS    Updated on November 20, 2019


Do you believe that the best type of job for a mom, should be flexible, high-paying and enjoyable? If your job does not fit this description you've work to do and we can help!

First, which of these three characteristics are most important to you, work flexibility, salary, a work environment that values children, or a company that protects your rights (if you're like the majority, you prefer flexibility).

Next, how is your current role not supporting what you value? Is there someone in your organization that could help you out? If not, then it doesn't hurt to start looking for a place that'd be a good fit.

Luckily we have some resources to help you find a job that fulfills what you value most. 

How to Find a Job That is Flexible

                                                    Your life as a working mom stretches from the intense days of caring for a newborn to the                                                          hectic time of preparing your high school senior to leave the nest. So it shouldn't be a                                                                surprise that the best jobs for moms are flexible, letting you ramp up your attention on your                                                      career and allow you slow down when the demands at home are more pressing.


                                                   Ideally, you would start thinking about flexibility when you choose a career field. But even if    Granger Wootz/Blend Images/Getty Images  you're already a successful executive, it's never too late to negotiate a flexible schedule.


How to Find a Job that Pays Well

                                                    Unfortunately, it's no use having an amazing, flexible job if your take-home pay won't cover                                                      child care. That's why it's important to pursue a career that will earn enough so when you do                                                      want to dial back the intensity, you can afford to do so.

                                                    Traditionally, male-oriented fields pay better than those dominated by women. But with an                                                        increase demand for nurses, historically female professions can have a resurgence. Learn         Getty Images/ Hero Images                   about the pay scales in your field and related areas through networking and research, and                                                          you'll be in a better position to angle your way to more money.

How to Find a Job that Celebrates Children

                                                    So often, we try to leave our personal life at home and act "all business" at work. Wouldn't it                                                  be great to have a job where you could be seen as a whole person - mom, woman and                                                              worker - and freely discuss your children?

                                                    Take your cues from those around you when chatting about family life or bringing kids to                                                            the office. But don't be afraid to push boundaries, in an appropriate way, in acknowledging  Getty Images/Emma Kim                       that you have home and care giving responsibilities. You may find that your first step frees                                                          your co-workers to discuss their family too, creating a more collegian and connected                                                                  workplace.

Find a Job That Protect Your Rights

                                                    It should go without saying that the best jobs for moms respect your rights as an employee.                                                      Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination still happens, and the work-life literature                                                                        documents how the mommy track can derail a promising career.

                                                    Make sure you understand your rights and stay alert for warning signs that a prospective                                                            employer isn't progressive when it comes to working moms. For instance, when a hiring         Getty images/Klaus Vedfelt                     manager asks whether you're married or have children, during a job interview. The question                                                      alone is illegal in most states, and certainly doesn't signal a family-friendly culture.

Finding the Right Job for Moms is Possible

If you're working in a job that doesn't fit with your values it's hard to overlook this. Living your life according to your values makes it easy to wake up in the morning and head to work! Hopefully the resources we shared will help you make the right choice for your next job.

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