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YMCA in brief


We are
Youth Mental Health and
Career Assistance

“Youth Mental Health and Career Assistance” (YMCA) is a community development organization founded in 2021  by those who dedicate to the career of youth development and taking a firm stand against the evils of society influencing the youth.

Now, the organization grows and develops over time with the founding mission to shape the future of US by developing new skills through training, mental health consulting and development programmes for children, youth, their families and their mentors towards creating opportunities to achieve their fullest potential in life.

Youth Mental health and Career Assistance (YMCA) provides training, education and development programmes to children, youth and their families through preventative and restorative initiatives within communities.

YMCA has a good track record and proven sustainability since 2021 as a registered NPO, in delivering development services to at-risk youths and communities: those in need for psychosocial and potential development assistance.  The founder, Mr. David Pan and hardworking pioneers in the community left a memorable heritage and legacy in the community for the community.

YMCA addresses life and skills knowledge barriers, conducts behavioral and life orientation sessions as well as presents skills level and career assessment.  Equipping youth at risk to effectively overcome their fears, self-doubt, low self-esteem and to develop self-management skills to productively deal with the challenges of everyday life preventing crime within the community.

In providing the professional services of life skills, development and diversion sessions, YMCA needs to appoint and make use of registered Social Service Practitioners, Art Practitioner Facilitators and Training Facilitators.

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